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Effortless Parking. Loaded with Benefits.

Increase renewals rates, NPS scores, and overall tenant satisfaction by providing amenities that matter.  From paperless parking to complimentary city shuttles, Parqking is loading up the benefits for tenants and their vehicles.

We understand that resident retention is critical to successful property management. Your income and profitability depend on it! As tenants increasingly move to seek new employment, lower rents, and make other post-pandemic adjustments, we expect churn rates to rise…and that can get expensive. Tenant satisfaction has never been more important.

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Turn the parking lot into an amenity.

Parqking delights renters and enables higher rents vs competitors. 

Simple to Use.

Residents can use their phones to effortlessly register guests, adjust vehicle information, and manage their permits.


From complimentary city shuttles to car washes and oil changes, Parqking is continuing to expand tenant benefits.  Turn convenience (electric scooters, shared car services) into profit for you and your owners.

Safety & Security.

 Parkqing's roving safety services protect your tenant's most valuable assets… their vehicles. Additional services rolling out in 2023 include background and law enforcement scans on vehicles on your property. Protect your tenants and provide a safer community with Parqking.

Additional Features of Parqking

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Ancillary Income

Increase ancillary income via our paperless permitting and mobile payments

Desirable Amenities

Drive higher rents by offering a desirable, tech-enabled parking amenity for your tenants

Long-Term Value

Generate long-term value for your property

Advanced Security

Protect your reputation by using our professional safety and secure lot monitoring

Free Signage & Installation
Scan, Text, or Tap to Pay
Advanced Reporting Capabilities
Dynamic Pricing
Hands-off Entry Supervision
Automated Gate Integration
ALPR Cameras
Photographic Documentation
Professional Safety & Security
Access Management and Monitoring
Secure Cloud-Based Management App
Configurable Enforcement Rules
Lightning-fast Implementation
Minimal Training Required

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Parqking is FREE for lot owners!

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